Where is your facility located?
You’ll find us at 46723 North Black Canyon Highway in Phoenix, AZ 85087.
We’re right off I-17, approximately 2 minutes north of Anthem in New River.

When can I access my unit?
We allow 24 hour access, so you can visit your unit whenever it’s easy for you!

What security features do you use?
We have a security gate that only grants access through keypad code entry. This helps us ensure that only our renters can gain access to the facility. Additionally, we record all activity through our system of security cameras, and our concrete construction provides a strong and secure unit wall that deters tampering.

Can I store a vehicle at your facility?
Yes! We offer parking spaces large enough for your car, boat, or even your RV.

What’s the best way to reserve my unit?
You can reserve online, contact us to reserve your unit, or visit our facility and use our rental kiosk at any time to get started immediately.

Do you have elevator access?
We don’t need it - all of our units are on the ground floor. We also offer drive-up access. You’ll never have to lug any heavy items upstairs or across a parking lot. Our property layout and design makes moving in easy!

Is Tenant Insurance Required?
Please keep in mind that although we take necessary steps to ensure that this facility is clean, maintained and has a quarterly pest control service, ultimately it is your responsibility, as a tenant, to ensure that your items are protected and stored correctly. There are several ways to prevent damage when storing your items such as applying protective mattress/furniture bags for storage & moving, elevating your items so that your items are not directly on the storage floor, properly securing/wrapping your items, as to avoid possible pest infiltration. To further assist with pest control, we included in our rental agreement that there are ABSOLUTELY NO PERISHABLES ALLOWED. Tenant Renters Insurance is always something that you, as a renter, should consider when storing your items. Even though our rental agreements DO NOT REQUIRE that you purchase tenant insurance, we still believe that you should weigh the pros & cons of acquiring private tenant insurance, should you need that added measure of security and peace of mind!

Do you offer any discounts?
We sure do! We value our community and we like to show appreciation for our teachers, military personnel, and first responders. Ask us for details if this describes you and we’ll make sure you get a discount! Additionally, all customers that sign up for autopay with a credit or debit card receive a generous discount as well.

How do I know what size unit I need?
This can be a difficult decision, but our self storage calculator can help. It will calculate how much storage space you need based on what you plan to store.